I can help you get to the next level

My name is Ken Levin – principal and owner of Levins Enterprises.     

I hold a degree in Accounting, which means I understand Net Present Value, ROI, Inventory Turns and Hold Cost and  I graduated co-valedictorian with an  MBA in International Business.

As a CIO/CTO and consultant, I have helped large companies do some big things to set themselves apart from the rest.

Here is a partial list of initiatives for which I have been responsible and or involved:

  • Developing a Global SEO Strategy
  • Deploying a Global website using Content Management and AWS global routing services
  • Consulting on the technology build-out for a brand new manufacturing plant in Vietnam 
  • Evaluating and recommending Cloud-based Global Unified Communications services
  • Negotiating Global software licenses
  • Assisting with Project Management of a $1.4B divestiture
  • Using technology to increase sales productivity by 100% and sales by $10s of millions
  • Reducing inventory levels by over 70% in 1.5 years and increasing inventory turn from 1x/year to over 12x/year
  • Developing successful partnerships to develop best-in-class products and…

Saving over $100M by applying technology and sound business judgement to reduce costs!

Creator of MyRideTrac

I am the creator of MyRideTrac – Cool Tools for Ride Share Drivers!

MyRideTrac tracks your miles and expenses for taxes and is available on iTunes and Google Play

I started driving UBER on a bet with a friend.  I started logging my mileage and expenses manually and found this practice cumbersome, fraught with errors and a huge time waster.   I tried other apps available to track mileage and expenses and found them lacking, so I designed MyRideTrac to fill the gap.  The design to roll-out process took 120 days.

With MyRideTrac, you can:

  • Track your Miles & Expenses for Taxes
  • See where you have driven – a map designed for RideShare drivers
  • Track when you have a Rider / NoRider / Personal trips
    • Name your Buttons feature in Android
  • Send yourself a detailed spreadsheet with distance and deduction information for each trip
  • Log all of your expenses and have them included on your detailed spreadsheet (all in once place reporting!)
  • Track multiple drivers and multiple vehicles all on the same app!

I drive UBER every day to make sure MyRideTrac works as billed.

There is ART in execution

It’s about understanding your business and goals

I have a successful track record of listening, innovating and delivering coupled with the ability to mentor a team to execute with a sense of ownership.  We give organizations a reason to come in early and stay late!

Company Experience

Focus is important

There are a ton of good ideas out there.  Sifting through them and finding the great ideas and suggestions and the ability to execute them is what really matters.   I can do this!

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